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  [ART & THEORY TRANSFER. Medialounge]

Kunsthaus Graz
am Landesmuseum Joanneum Lendkai 1, A-8020 Graz

CONCEPT: Gunther Reisinger
In the frame of musikprotokoll, media art projects, topicalizing “transference”, are presented, that discuss in various ways the subject matter of the transformation of extramusical data streams into a musical context. On the basis of an interdisciplinary, theoretical challenging of the mechanisms of transference, difference producing sets of rules or pictorial and musical dislocations in the realm of media art, as part of the online project MT03 and in the course of the temporary focus ART & THEORY TRANSFER, artists are presented, who opt for the phenomenon of “transference” in the broader sense as method and object of their artworks.
Whether the concept of “transference” is perceived from a psychoanalytic, socio-phenomenological or from a technologically motivated perspective, just the possibilities of reflecting image and sound, of the image concept and data representation that are inherent in the digital, finally aim at the production of a significant difference with respect to distinct, artistic manifestations. The question of transformations in art that is positioned in the digital – embracing current scientific art theory around Bolz, Debray, Wiesing or Groys – can equally be concerned than a methodical comparative approach to different expression modes on this topic in media art.
Within this setting, reference particularly shall be made to digital art forms, namely to net based arts. In correspondence with the musical context, exemplary audiovisual artworks are introduced that deal with the artistic field of “sonification” of various digital data streams. Works by Grond / Halbig / Jensen / Lausten (“Sol”) and Berthold / Lackner / Pieper (“GulliBloon”) are presented and the underlying theoretical approaches explained.
The challenged artistic reproducibility as a further immanent topic can be discussed with respect to the questioning of the “virtual”, the “cyberspace” and its particular medial constitution. With reference to media theoretical interpretations such as the topic of the interface or “radiophonic” art forms, possibilities shall be shown, of the addressed positioning of art forms on the Internet and of different transformations of various data bases.

Gunther Reisinger

Grond / Halbig / Jensen / Lausten, Annja Krautgasser


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Grond / Halbig / Jensen / Lausten, Sol, 2004.