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  [CUBE_0.2. Holger Mader / Alexander Stublic / Heike Wiermann / Thomas Troge]

Kunstverein Medienturm
Josefigasse 1, 8020 Graz

CONCEPT: Gunther Reisinger
CUBE_0.2 is a multimedia installation of a cuboid object that suggests, by means of video projections and sound, different formal effects. Starting point of the work is the question of how "real" an object has to be, to reach the magnitude and original power which is space-defining and bears meaning. To what extent can media such as light, video and sound take on this task and how do they then have to be implemented? The media artists Holger Mader and Alexander Stublic, the architect Heike Wiermann and the musician Thomas Troge scrutinize in this presentation the cubical form regarding its immanent relation of form and meaning. Using a complex arrangement of abstract and concrete image themes which are projected on the cube, they describe the form and attempt to define its relation to the space.
The sound supports or relativizes both the video projection describing the surface and the one shaping the object. The observer is thus guided through the medial architecture. The modes of interplay of object and projection are elucidated, to make evolve structures that are again object-like, spatial and powerful in an era which is dominated by media façades and television images.

Patrizia Drück, curator at the Sprengel Museum Hanover addresses the multimedial aspect: "Electronic images of black and white, alternating structures and contrasts are projected onto a cuboid object in the space. Running through different metamorphosis, the abstract image themes gather momentum in the three-dimensional. The choreography can only be grasped in its entirety attending to the sound composition, and is experienced completely when circling the object. Structural merging of image, sound and movement deconstruct the form of the cube – images and sounds determine each other, exploring relations between form and meaning beyond medial image façades."

Holger Mader, Alexander Stublic, Thomas A. Troge, Heike Wiermann

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Holger Mader, CUBE, 2004. Alexander Stublic, Heike Wiermann, Thomas A. Troge