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  [ON TRANSLATION: THE CITY. Antoni Muntadas]


CONCEPT: Reinhard Braun
Public space Graz
The project is an intervention in public space, namely a video screening on a truck in the three cities of Barcelona, Lille and Graz. ON TRANSLATION: DIE STADT is also a commentary on how cities are changing, moving and seeking new modes to make possible these transformations. Do they loose their identity? Specificity versus standardization? Cultural spectacle versus high culture? Social commitment versus economic revenue? The list of questions is endless.
ON TRANSLATION: DIE STADT deals with the question of how European cities are transformed, interpreted and “translated” in a contemporary context and as a consequence of the integration of the European Economic Community. The project focuses on three very different cities with outmost distinct, unmistakable socio-cultural traditions: Graz, Cultural Capital of Europe 2003, Lille, Cultural Capital of Europe 2004, Barcelona, Universal Forum of Cultures 2004. Their geographic positions form a triangle, each location positioned in a distance of around 1.300 kilometres from the others. The project also understands itself as a metaphorical control or monitoring.
The flow of migration in Europe generates a constant state of flux within these cities. Transportation and traffic are large-scale metaphors reflecting these changes. Streets, highways, airports, trains and telephone networks exhibit continuous activity and generate novel situations. Distances develop towards an increasingly relative concept, whereas shuttles and voyages – back from and to work, in leisure time, as touristic phenomenon etc. – more and more are cause and effect of flows of traffic and of a dislocation in and between cities. The prospect of a job, a business appointment, a soccer game, of vacation etc. is part of the activities which are related to the constant change of the cities and their inhabitants. The cities are perceived from the viewpoint of one taxi driver in each city – Antoine in Graz, Hervé in Lille and Pietro in Barcelona. Their steps and routes lead to different locations and situations. Their visual focus is confronted in a complementary way with images and comments of city specialists – architects, urban planners, persons engaged in the cultural sector and public officials.

ON TRANSLATION: DIE STADT is a series of works that is being developed since 1995 exploring the interpretation, transcription and translation in a broader sense. Each work – as a chapter – refers to a specific topic from different perspectives and with different media and is in relation to the production and/or presentation context, wherein it evolves. Taking into account that “we live in a translated world”, wherein the process of transcription as well as the interpretation is in relation to the process of perception and information, each work of this open series is independent of, however, complementary to the others.

Reinhard Braun

Antoni Muntadas

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Antoni Muntadas, On TRANSLATION: DIE STADT, 2004.